Why use a Car Finance Broker to finance your next car
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Why Use a Car Finance Broker?

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Motor Finance 4u are the car finance experts you can trust to find you the best deal. But why use a car finance broker – why not just arrange credit through the dealership or get a loan from the bank?

Well for many, these routes simply aren’t an option. In light of the credit crunch over recent years, getting credit for any large purchase – whether a car, house or holiday – has scarcely been more difficult. If your financial history isn’t ideal, you may struggle to acquire the funds you need through banks or more ‘traditional’ sources of lending.  

That’s where a specialist car finance broker can help. Motor Finance 4u can make it quicker, easier and cheaper for you to get a car, and they do most of the work for you.

Brokers can uncover more opportunities to access car finance if you have a less-than-perfect credit history, are self-employed or if you haven’t yet built up a credit profile (i.e. younger drivers). Working with a panel of responsible car finance companies, brokers such as Motor Finance 4u search through all the options to find you an accessible, fair deal – opening doors even if you have previously been refused finance. There’s no need to travel around dealerships without knowing whether or not your credit application will be approved, or to go for stressful meetings at the bank.

Not only that, but brokers work to find you the best available deals, and can often access discounts not available to the general public. And because reputable car finance brokers charge the dealership rather than the customer, your one-to-one support from industry experts won’t cost you a penny.

Finding car finance through a broker also means that getting your next car is as hassle-free as possible. Motor Finance 4u let you apply from the comfort of your own home, either online or over the phone, and offer instant, no-obligation decisions. No showroom pressure, no bank appointment inconvenience. As well as scouring the market to find the best solutions for you, brokers will also handle the paperwork and arrange payment with the dealer. All you need to do is apply and find the car you want from a reputable dealer.

So there you have it – financing your next car through Motor Finance 4u is a hugely beneficial option, boosting your chances of being offered credit, taking care of the boring bits and often saving you money.

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