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Is it worth it to buy a new car?


The prospect of buying a brand-new car is an exciting one. The smell of a new car, and the look of a pristine cabin, is unbeatable. If you’ve already been on a test drive, then your mind might already be made up. You might be intent on buying a new car. But, as with all things in life, you…
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Is it good to finance a car?


Most people do not have the cash to buy a new car outright. And even if they do, it’s tough to part with hard-earned cash when lenders are offering personal loans at low interest rates. Sometimes, buying a car in cash can also feel like you’re throwing money away, when you know your car…
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Caravan, Motorbike, Van and Commercial Finance


MotorFinance4U was first established in 1998, with the vision to provide the right finance package to the right customer in a friendly and professional manner. With nearly two decades of experience, we have been able to gather a lot of knowledge tailored to our clients’ wants and needs. No…
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Will I be accepted for car finance?


Paid you back? We’re guessing the answer is ‘probably not’. If you’ve not paid your bills in the past, the chances are you’re more likely not to pay the upcoming bills following acceptance of the agreement. So, if you’ve deferred on payments in the past, now is…
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How to get Car Finance with No Credit History


Whether you’re just excellent with money and haven’t had to borrow any money, or you’re simply young enough to never have to, trying to get credit without having a credit history can be tricky. It can in fact, seem a little unfair if you’ve managed your money well, because…
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How to Improve Your Credit Score


No one has a perfect credit score. And even if they do, it doesn’t guarantee them credit. Even people with good credit scores can be rejected by some lenders. This is why brokers like us are a good option. A broker works with a number of different lenders, so they can find the right deal for…
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Worried You Won’t Be Accepted for Car Finance?


It's a genuine concern for many. Your current financial circumstances or credit history may affect your ability to buy a car, so your first thought when you need one is, “will I be accepted for car finance?” Each lender has different criteria that they use to figure out who they…
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The Best Way to Buy a New Car


Buying a car is a big, exciting decision. And there’s lots to decide. Not only have you got to whittle down which type of car might be the right one for you, but you’ve got to figure out which way to buy is best for you too. We take a look at the different ways that could be the best for…
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How to Get Car Finance if You’re Self-Employed


There are millions of people in the UK who are self-employed, many of whom have been, or are, in need of car finance. If you’re one of them, and you’re wondering how hard it might be to arrange finance on a car, then read our helpful guide to find out. Why do self-employed people…
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The Costs of Running a Car


According to the AA and Auto Express’ Driver Power 2015 satisfaction survey, a new car will cost on average £2,559 a year. We take a look at a breakdown of the costs of running a car and how you can reduce them.   The Purchase The first cost that you have to contend with is the…
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Why Use a Car Finance Broker?


Motor Finance 4u are the car finance experts you can trust to find you the best deal. But why use a car finance broker – why not just arrange credit through the dealership or get a loan from the bank? Well for many, these routes simply aren’t an option. In light of the credit crunch over…
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Quick guide on how to get car finance with bad credit


Here at Motorfinance4u, we know that getting car finance with a bad credit history can be tricky. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help you move on from a chequered financial past, and get you approved for car finance. We have a wide network of responsible lenders, with…
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