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Q. I applied for a loan through NatWest and but when I spoke to them on the phone they outright refused to because I’m self-employed, and I have only been self-employed for a year. I’m really wary now and I’m unsure what to do. How can I trust a broker like you to do the best for me?

We have an extensive range of different lenders and the majority are happy to lend to self-employed applicants – depending on the lender they may or may not require you to prove your income – since we started helping people obtain Car Finance in 1988, we have sourced finance for thousands of self-employed people. Send your details through to us, and we’ll make sure we get the right deal for you and your circumstances

Q. I’m in about 16k of debt and my credit rating is not great because of that. I have a great job now but it’s gonna be four years before I’m out of debt. What are the best car finance deals that you can offer me now and is there anything that I can do to improve my credit rating?

At motorfinance 4u, we have a large panel of lenders who consider a wide variety of credit profiles and scenarios. From what you’ve said regarding your credit it’s certainly possible we could help. In terms of what deals we could get for you, this is not possible for us to say without an application from you – if you apply to us via our simple online form, one of our experienced advisors will be happy to discuss the best deals we can get for you, and give you detailed help on how to improve your credit score

Q. Hi. I have been applying for credit for a car and not been getting anywhere. I keep seeing things that say that I am guaranteed if I apply through a certain company – this sounds suspicious to me – one of them even wants me to pay a fee to be guaranteed, which sounds even more dodgy, but I’m getting desperate… I need credit… can someone help/advise me? Thanks in advance.

No finance is guaranteed, and if you do find any companies that say they guarantee car finance, it’s simply not true, and you certainly shouldn’t pay any fees. At motorfinance 4u we would never charge you for anything we do, and although we cannot “Guarantee” that we get finance approved for you, we can guarantee that we will consider each application individually, and will work hard to achieve the best deal possible for you

Q. I took car finance out with black horse through a dealer, but I don’t like the way they talk to me when I ring up with a query or a problem. I’m looking to switch, can I switch to you? Is it alrig

It’s not as easy as a case of switching finance companies – you would need to settle your existing loan with Black Horse and take out a new one – at motorfinance 4u, we do have a personal loan lender, who may be able to assist with this – just fill in our simple application form and we’ll be in touch 

Q. Hi, I recently got finance with creation car finance but I’m wanting a different car again. Just wondering whether you can help me?

Certainly, although you have only recently taken out the loan with Creation, and will probably have some negative equity (where your old car is not worth the amount left to be paid on your previous loan), we have a number of finance companies who could still potentially help – they specialise in helping customers in this situation.

Q. I got my last loan through Zuto, but my credit score was good back then. Now it’s not as good, I’m unemployed and I defaulted on one of my credit cards – can you help me get car finance? It’ll help me get a job and get me building my score up again.

If you are currently out of work, and with poor credit, it is very difficult to get car finance – however, if you have a friend or relative who is working, who would be prepared to help you by entering into a finance agreement jointly with yourself, it certainly is possible. This is called a guarantor loan, and it means that your friend or relative agrees to pay the loan if you’re unable to. If you make the payments yourself, then it’s a good way to build up your credit rating from the floor.

Give us a call and speak to one of our specialist car finance advisors and we’ll help you through the application process.

Q. Hello. I have a car loan with Tesco loans, but I wanted to get another one here. Is this possible/what kind of criteria do I have to meet, or do I have to pay my Tesco one off first?

It is possible to have more than one car on finance, and the car loan you have through Tesco will be shown on your credit file as a personal loan, rather than hire purchase, which is the traditional form of car finance, meaning it would be easier to finance a second vehicle. In terms of criteria, it depends on which company we would use to get you the best finance deal – this is dependent on your overall credit profile.

Get in contact and talk to one of our specialist car finance advisors. They will be able to talk to you in more detail and make sure that financing a second vehicle is a viable option for you and get you the best deal. 

Q. Hi. I’m in the market for a new car, but I have a low credit score. I used the NatWest loan calculator, which showed me repayments I could afford, so applied for car finance with them, but they denied the application. Will this further affect my not-so-great score? I can’t really wait very long to apply again because I need a car. What can I do to help make sure that my next application will be successful?

If your credit score is “not-so-great” then you should avoid applying for finance through high street lenders like NatWest. Their calculator is designed to encourage you to apply, but unlike us here at motor finance 4u, they may not be able to offer people with low credit scores car finance. Their lending criteria tend to be much stricter than the specialist motor finance companies that we have access to.

Of course, you know that multiple credit searches can adversely affect your credit rating. This is why it is beneficial to apply for car finance through a broker like us, because with one application you have access to multiple finance companies, giving you a better chance of arranging a loan successfully.

Send your application to us, and we will work as quickly as possible to get you into a new car, ensuring that your details are only sent to the most suitable lenders, where we are most likely to gain an acceptance.

Q. Hello there, I recently applied for finance with Black Horse Finance but they denied me. I’m not on the electoral roll and I don’t think my credit score is that good. Do you think you’ll be able to sort me out?

Not being on the Electoral Roll and having a poor credit score does not automatically exclude you from obtaining car finance, particularly if you apply through motor finance 4u. We have access to numerous finance companies who specialise in helping people with less than perfect credit profiles, and our highly-skilled team of advisors will work hard to find you the most suitable deal.

Make sure that you apply with us and you could be on your way to a new car in no time at all. 

Q. Hi. I’ve found that I am in need of a bigger car, but I’m currently in a contract with Barclays finance. I’m under a year away from completing payments. Is there a way I could swap with finance with you and get a new car?

As with any car finance agreement, you are entitled to settle the finance at any time. As you have less than a year to go on your current agreement with Barclays, you will more than likely be in a position where you have equity on your previous car to use as a deposit for your new one (this is where the amount you have to pay to settle off your old finance agreement is less than what your car is worth, leaving you with money left over). If you’ve maintained and kept up all your monthly repayments on time with Barclays bank, this will help your credit score and enable us to get you the best possible rates of interest for your next car.

Apply with us and we’ll do our best to help you get out of your current finance agreement and into an agreement for a bigger car. 

Q. I’m planning on buying a new car. I prefer not to use my bank because I don’t want to tie up this line of credit. You never know when you might need it. Would you quote me your best finance deals?

This is a very good idea. If you decide to take out a car loan through ourselves, you will still have the bank to fall back on should you need them in the future. You may even have a better chance of arranging car finance with us than with the bank because we work with a number of different car finance companies. Please complete our short application form online or call us to complete your application and we will be able to talk with you in more detail about which of our finance offerings would be suitable for you.

Q. I require a loan to buy a second hand car. Is this something you offer?

Yes we specialise in arranging loans for used cars which you can buy from any authorised car dealer.

All we need is an application and then you’ll be free to find your perfect car from any reputable dealer. Simply complete the online application which is totally free and you are under no obligation.

Q. Hi, I have an Experian credit score of 810, which I think is quite good. Will this get me a good interest rate? I don’t want to go to a garage as I would rather have a loan approved before I shop for a car. I’m looking for a car around the £10,000 mark and prefer to put in a small deposit or even no deposit. Can you help?

We certainly can Michelle. We work with a selection of car loan companies and will be able to find a package tailor made to suit your personal circumstances, and with no deposit. Please apply using our quick and easy online application, it’s free and you are under no obligation.    

Q. I’m looking at buying a used car, would you be able to arrange a loan for me?

Of course we can. At motorfinance 4u that’s exactly what we do. We have a vast range of lenders, so finding the right car finance package to suit you is no problem.

If you send us details of the car you wish to buy and complete an online application, we’ll be able to get you on the road in no time.

Q. Hi motorfinance 4u, I have been trying to get a car loan but the two garages I have been to have declined my car loan application. Would you be able to arrange a car loan for me?

Hi Stacey, the answer is probably yes. It will depend on your income and other circumstances. If you apply online now, it’s free to apply, one of our friendly car loan advisors will contact you to discuss your options.

Q. Hi I've not ever used car finance before. I'm 18 but I work and have £300 saved up from my job. Can you get me a loan?

Hi Laura, congrats on saving up a deposit, that will definitely help you. Some of our lenders can help people of your age. Have you used any other types of finance, like a loan or credit card? It might help if you have a guarantor on your finance. If you need more information about this you can arrange to speak to one of our advisors on 01892 822000 or apply online and we will see what we can do for you.

Q. Hi, I am looking to buy new car, but before I do I wanted to know how much I can borrow?

Hi Richard, that’s a good question. We can arrange loans from £2000 to £50,000 and even more if needs be. The amount we will be able to get approved depends on your own personal circumstances and credit score and of course your income. The best way forward is to apply using our simple online application, it’s free, and one of our advisors will be in touch shortly to talk through your options. It’s a very good idea to get your loan approved first, as it puts you in control of your car purchase.

Q. I would like to arrange a car loan to purchase from a dealer. Can you help?

We can arrange a Hire Purchase car loan for you between 1 and 5 years or a PCP (personal contract purchase) which is like hire purchase with a balloon payment at the end. If you let us know how much you want to borrow and how much you can afford each month we can work out  the shortest period you could borrow it over.

If you complete an online application, once approved you’ll be able to buy the car of your dreams.

Q. Hi, I have an excellent credit rating, but already have a car loan in my name for £425pm. I am looking to buy another car for my wife but have been told I can’t as I already have a car finance in my name.

Thanks for your enquiry Phil, that’s no problem, we have a number of loan companies that will consider a second loan and at very competitive rates. Why not apply online now, it’s free and one of our specialist car loan advisors will contact you shortly

Q. Can you arrange a car loan for me so I can buy a used car?

We can! motorfinance 4u is one of the longest established car finance companies in the UK and so have numerous financing options to suit almost all circumstances.

If you fill in the short online application form we can get you pre-approved so you can start shopping for your next car.

Q. Hi there, Can you guarantee me car finance?

Hi Robert, we cannot guarantee car finance, however we can guarantee that we will do our best to get a car loan approved for you. We have several lenders that will offer car credit to customers with bad credit history. So it’s best to apply online, it’s free and easy, and one of our advisors will be in touch very soon.

Kind regards

Q. I want to get car finance over 5 years for the purchase of a 6 year old car, can you arrange finance for me?

As long as the car is under 11 years old at the end of the agreement that’s no problem. In fact we do have options to finance slightly older cars.

Send us over car details and complete an online application so we can arrange this purchase for you.

Q. I recently applied for a £15,000 loan. The APR advertised was 3.6%. When I applied they said they were unable to help me! What is the best rate you can offer me? I am a home owner and have a good credit history. I have seen a car I would like to buy so need things sorted quickly.

Hi Thomas, making sure that you get the most competitive finance deal available to you can be confusing. Banks advertise very low rates but won’t actually give it to many people that apply. So your experience is not uncommon. 

Their adverts are supposed to catch your attention and then it will either be unavailable or they offer you a different rate, so the only way of really knowing what is available to you is to apply and see what you are offered.

APRs are confusing as they can be calculated differently from one lender to another. The best way to check the cost is to compare the monthly payments.

If you try our loan calculator it will give you an indication of payment depending on your credit history. In the current financial climate a rate below 10% is very competitive.

You can either give one of our advisors a call for further advice on 01892 822000 or complete our online application and we will get back to you with a decision.

Q. I am currently unemployed due to an accident that I had at work last year and am finding it difficult to obtain car finance. I really need a car to help me find work and regain my independence. I am currently receiving an army pension as well as unemployment benefits and my total monthly income is £1400 a month which is more than enough to allow me a spare £200-250 a month to pay for a car. Would you let me know how much I can borrow for £200-250 a month please.

Yes we should be able to help you. Banks and most other loan companies have quite strict criteria which include having to be in employment for at least 6 months which is not a lot of help to people like yourself who are trying to get back on the career path. If you are unemployed and need car finance the options are more limited but at motorfinance 4u we have a some options to help you and in so doing help to rebuild your credit history. A Guarantor Loan maybe the best option for you.
It is very quick and easy and we can usually get you the money the same day putting you in a strong position as a cash buyer to purchase a car. You can apply for unemployed car finance online or you can phone one of our experienced and friendly advisors who will take your application over the phone. They will also need to talk to your guarantor so have their name, address, date of birth and phone number handy. Hope this is of help.

Q. As a new driver, car finance is difficult to find. Can you help?

When it comes to car finance, new drivers and learners often struggle - as most lenders feel safer providing finance to experienced drivers. However, at motorfinance 4u, we work with a number of lenders willing to provide new drivers with car finance - although the final decision would rest with them.


Either call us on 01892 822000 - or alternatively you can apply online.

Q. Do you sell car finance for 18 year olds? I’m finding it difficult to find someone who sells young driver car finance.

Of course, we understand it is often difficult to borrow money for the first time. Some companies avoid selling young driver car finance as they believe it’s a risk – but we believe in trying to help everyone, so we’ll do our best to find a finance deal for you. Are you currently employed and in possession of a valid driving licence? If so, we should be able to sort you out with a suitable loan for you.

Please call us on 01892 82200 or apply online.  Applications are totally free and you’re under no obligation.

Q. I’ve contacted a number of finance providers but I can’t get car finance – can you help?

It can be very frustrating when you can’t get car credit, but with our flexible lending options we aim to help everyone – no matter what your circumstances. If you’ve got a valid driving licence and you’re currently employed, our independent lenders are unlikely to refuse you credit. If you need a car but can’t get credit, give us a call on 01892 822000 or simply apply online and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Q. I’m looking to buy a car and want to explore my options. Is it easy to get car finance?

This is a great question. People often ask if they’re eligible for car finance – but the better question is: how easy is it to get car finance? With motorfinance 4u, you don’t need to worry about deposits or bad credit history. We are experts in helping people to obtain a car loan. Our friendly team are on hand to discuss you options whatever your budget. You can call us on 01892 822000 to discuss your options, or if you prefer, apply online with our easy to use online application form.

Q. I’m looking for help buying a new car and I was wondering if you could answer a few questions? What do you need to get car finance? And what documents do I need to get car finance?

Hi. We get asked these questions a lot. The good news you don’t need much. As long as you’re employed and can afford the payments, we should be able to secure a finance deal that meets your needs. As for documents, if you have a valid driving licence, it should be no problem.

If you’d like to know more, fill in our online application form or call us today on 01892 822000.

Q. What makes motorfinance 4u the best option?

Whenever you make such a big investment, you need to do your research so that you have control of your budget. Here at motorfinance 4u, we’ll do this research on your behalf. We work with a large, diverse panel of lenders which means we have access to over 80 products, one of which is sure to be right for you. We have the ability to determine very quickly the most suitable product to suit your individual circumstances, which means you are in full control when you search for your next car.

Q. Will you give me a better offer than a bank or car dealership, or are you like a payday lender?

Hi Steve, rest assured we're not like a payday lender. If we give you a finance offer you will have plenty of time to look at the rates and compare them to other places, and in general our APRs are very competitive. We do in fact work with banks such as Santander, and we have exclusive products with lenders which aren't available on the high street, so it's worth applying with us to see what we can offer you. If you would like to know more fill in our simple on line application form or give us a call on 01892 822000 Applications are totally free and you’re under no obligation.

Q. Hi, I'm self-employed but own my own home and have a good income and credit rating. I'd like to spend around £30,000 on a car, can I apply to you for finance?

Of course you can Graham. We might need to see proof of income for the last three months, but in most cases being self-employed isn’t a problem. Fill in our online application form and we’ll have a loan approved for you in no time.

Q. Hi. I currently drive a Mercedes which I got on finance with Mercedes. Can you help me refinance it? Thanks Georgina.

Hi Georgina, we do a lot of refinances and they're generally quite simple. Just fill in the online application form or call us on 01892 822000 for more advice.

Q. I've seen a VW Passat I want for £15,300. Is it ok to buy the car somewhere else or do I get the car from you? It's a local car dealer.

Hi Graham, yes that's fine. Unlike other car finance companies we don't sell cars, so you have more freedom about where to buy from. Your local dealership should be fine, just give the details to your personal advisor and they'll check it out and do the rest.

Q. My car broke down last week, it's not worth much as scrap or part-ex according to the places I've asked. I don't have a deposit saved up but need a car quickly, will it be a problem that I don't much cash to put down?

No problem at all Emma. There are a lot of customers with no deposit, and the good news is that we are able to arrange car finance for most customers, without the need for a deposit and we will do our best to help you get in to a car as soon as we can, possibly within 24 hours.

Q. Can you help me finance a van?

Hi Jack, yes we arrange a lot of van finance. We have several different loan companies who provide loans for commercial vehicles and motorbikes too. You can either apply online using our simple application form or call us on 01892 822000.

Q. I just want to enquire about a loan for a car and see the chances of being accepted are? I have a fair credit rating and earn £18000 a year. I am looking to borrow about £7000. Are there any fees to pay for an application and how long will it take before I can buy a car?

Hi Dan, from what you have said we certainly should be able to arrange a £7000 loan for you. motorfinance 4u do not charge a fee for our service and we can usually help you to get into your new car within 3 days. The best way forward is to submit an online application, there is no obligation on your part, and you can talk it through with one of our friendly team before you make a decision.

Q. Hello, I'm currently in the Armed Forces and I would like to buy a car on finance but because I'm in the forces it often makes it hard to get car finance. I would like to borrow in the region of £4000-£5000 over 48 months! Kind regards

Hi Bruce, We do have several finance companies who will consider applications from people currently serving in the forces, it helps if you have a UK residential address and not just a permanent barracks address. If you would like to complete an online application, we’ll be happy to investigate the best options available to you.

Q. I need car finance for a Ford Focus ST from a local dealer. Can you help?

We certainly can, and we would be delighted to help. Is the Focus ST new or second hand? Either way we are here to help you finance your new car and hope to have you on the road as soon as possible.

Feel free to call us on 01892 822000 or complete our short online application.

Q. I would like to arrange car finance for a purchase from a dealer. What options do you have?

We work with a wide range of lenders so have car finance options available for a wide variety of customers and vehicle type.

If you are looking to buy your car from a dealer we would be able to offer you either a hire purchase or PCP agreement.

Give us a call  on 01892 822000 or complete our short online application and we’ll hope to have you on the road in no time.

Q. I’m looking at buying a used car, who can arrange car finance for me?

You’ve come to the right place Lisa as here at motorfinance 4u we work with a wide range of lenders, so finding the right car finance package to suit you and the car you are looking to buy is as easy as 123.

If you complete an online application, we’ll be able to get things arranged without delay.

Q. I’m looking for a car loan to buy a new car. I am self-employed but haven’t borrowed much money in the past. I think my credit rating is fair, can you help?

Of course.  Self-employed customers are no problem to us. Having not borrowed much money in the past occasionally causes a problem but we’d be more than happy to discuss the options with you.

Please call us on 01892 822000 or complete the online application and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Q. I need car loan for a Golf GTi from my local VW dealership. Can you help?

No problem. Have you been declined by VW finance or are you simply looking for an alternative? If it’s a new VW have you applied through the dealer as they often have special schemes for brand new cars. If you have been declined by them or the vehicle is second hand we’d be happy to provide help finance your car.

Please complete an online application and we’ll get you approved in no time.

Q. I would like to arrange a car loan to purchase from a dealer. What options do you offer?

We can arrange a Hire Purchase car loan for you between 1 and 5 years or a PCP (personal contract purchase) which is like hire purchase with a balloon payment at the end. If you let us know how much you want to borrow what an affordable monthly payment would be we can work out the shortest period you could borrow it over.

If you complete an online application and we’ll get you in your new car in no time.

Q. Hi motorfinance 4u, I have a low credit score and would say my credit rating is bad. I was not very responsible in my younger years and defaulted on two credit cards, totalling £3000 and have a CCJ for £4000. I am in full time employment and have a full driving licence. Can you help in these circumstances.

Hi Alan, We receive a lot of applications for customers who have had previous credit problems and therefore a poor or bad credit score. If your financial problems are behind you we have several lenders who will consider your application and we would expect to get car finance approved for you. The amount we can get approved depends on your income, so if you complete our simple, free online application we will have an answer for you very quickly.  

Q. I have poor credit history and would like to arrange car finance.

No problem, that is not unusual. Please fill in the online application form and we will do our best to get you approved ASAP.

Q. I’m thinking about buying a new car but don’t have the money to get the model I want outright. How hard is it to get car finance?

Thanks for your question. Like most people it’s difficult to buy cars with cash outright so nearly all people take out car finance to buy their car. Some lenders refuse finance because of a poor credit history or the driver’s age – but at the motorfinance 4u we don’t think your circumstances should hold you back. At motorfinance 4u we aim to make the whole process as easy as possible, whatever your financial situation.

If you’d like to see how we can help you, give us a call today on 01892 822000 or alternatively, you can apply online 

Q. I have recently been through a divorce which has had a bad affect my credit rating. I now have a poor credit rating. I have been working for the NHS for 15 years and earn £28k gross. What are the chances of being approved for a car loan?

Hi Samantha,

We work with various lenders suited to your particular circumstances and they will be happy to consider your loan favourably.

If you would like to complete an online application, we’ll be happy to investigate the best options available to you. Click the link below or call us on 01892 822000. Applications are totally free and you’re under no obligation.

Best regards

Q. Hi, my partner and I want to replace our car but I do not drive. We both have poor credit but I am in full time employment and he is currently unemployed. Can we apply for finance in my name with him as the registered keeper?

Hi Sue, we have various lenders who might be able to help, depending on your circumstances. If you apply in your name and enter your husband's details as a joint applicant we try our best to get you a positive outcome.

The best way forward is to complete our short online application, or call us on 01892 822000 and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Q. I don’t have very good history, I would say it rates as poor. I am a retired fireman, receiving an annual pension of £24,000 will I be considered for a loan?

Hi John,

We work with several lenders who will consider your application and so should be able to arrange a suitable loan for you.

If you would like to complete an online application, we’ll be happy to investigate the best options available to you.

Kind regards

Q. Dear motorfinance 4u, I am 20 years old and don’t have a very good credit history. In fact I would say I have a poor credit or bad credit history! When I was younger I had a small loan and a credit card that I didn’t pay and so they were defaulted. I have since managed to pay them off and don’t have any debt outstanding at the moment. Do you think you could get me car finance and how does it work?

Hi Lisa, if you are employed or self-employed, earning over £1000 a month and have a full driving licence then we would have a good chance of arranging a car loan for you. If you complete our  online application (it only takes a minute or two) and we will get back to you quickly, and the good news is can choose a car from any reputable car dealer nationwide.

Q. Dear motorfinance 4u, I am looking for the best car finance deal possible. I have found a car that I would like to buy from a BMW dealer. The salesman has quoted me 13.9% APR which seems high to me. The car is £19,995 and I can pay a deposit of £1000 plus my part exchange which they have offered me £5000 for. I wanted to repay the car finance over 4 or maybe 5 years. Would you let me know what you can do for me. Thanks in advance.

Dear Kate, Thank you for your enquiry.  Our interest rates start from 5.9% APR so there is a very good chance that we will be able to save you some money. If you take a look at our online car finance calculator it will give you a very good indication of monthly payment before you apply. We have several different lenders that offer very low rate finance. If you fill out our online application form, we will see what we can do for you. If you have any more questions, please feel free to call us direct.   Applications are totally free and you’re under no obligation.

Q. Good afternoon, I have a CCJ and a two defaults registered against me two – three years ago due to an accident that kept me off work for about six months at that time. I am now back in full time employment with a salary of £32,000 a year. Based on my income how much would I be able to borrow?

Thank you for your enquiry Oliver. Based on your income we could get you approved for a loan limit of up to £15,000, possibly more if you needed it. If you want a higher amount that will depend on whether you have paid off the debts or are in the process of paying them off. If you apply online we will aim to have an approval for you as soon as possible.

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