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Answers about car finance for poor credit

Car Finance can be difficult when you have a poor credit score. But, at Motor Finance 4U we aim to make it as simple and hassle-free as possible. We do this offering your own personal assistant and we expect no application fee or deposit when looking into finance solutions. Alongside car finance, we offer finance on a number of vehicles; vans, caravans, motorbikes and commercial vehicles.

FAQs - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Hi motorfinance 4u, I have a low credit score and would say my credit rating is bad. I was not very responsible in my younger years and defaulted on two credit cards, totalling £3000 and have a CCJ for £4000. I am in full time employment and have a full driving licence. Can you help in these circumstances.

Hi Alan, We receive a lot of applications for customers who have had previous credit problems and therefore a poor or bad credit score. If your financial problems are behind you we have several lenders who will consider your application and we would expect to get car finance approved for you. The amount we can get approved depends on your income, so if you complete our simple, free online application we will have an answer for you very quickly.  

Q. I have poor credit history and would like to arrange car finance.

No problem, that is not unusual. Please fill in the online application form and we will do our best to get you approved ASAP.

Q. I’m thinking about buying a new car but don’t have the money to get the model I want outright. How hard is it to get car finance?

Thanks for your question. Like most people it’s difficult to buy cars with cash outright so nearly all people take out car finance to buy their car. Some lenders refuse finance because of a poor credit history or the driver’s age – but at the motorfinance 4u we don’t think your circumstances should hold you back. At motorfinance 4u we aim to make the whole process as easy as possible, whatever your financial situation.

If you’d like to see how we can help you, give us a call today on 01892 822000 or alternatively, you can apply online 

Q. I have recently been through a divorce which has had a bad affect my credit rating. I now have a poor credit rating. I have been working for the NHS for 15 years and earn £28k gross. What are the chances of being approved for a car loan?

Hi Samantha,

We work with various lenders suited to your particular circumstances and they will be happy to consider your loan favourably.

If you would like to complete an online application, we’ll be happy to investigate the best options available to you. Click the link below or call us on 01892 822000. Applications are totally free and you’re under no obligation.

Best regards

Q. Hi, my partner and I want to replace our car but I do not drive. We both have poor credit but I am in full time employment and he is currently unemployed. Can we apply for finance in my name with him as the registered keeper?

Hi Sue, we have various lenders who might be able to help, depending on your circumstances. If you apply in your name and enter your husband's details as a joint applicant we try our best to get you a positive outcome.

The best way forward is to complete our short online application, or call us on 01892 822000 and we’ll get the ball rolling.

Q. I don’t have very good history, I would say it rates as poor. I am a retired fireman, receiving an annual pension of £24,000 will I be considered for a loan?

Hi John,

We work with several lenders who will consider your application and so should be able to arrange a suitable loan for you.

If you would like to complete an online application, we’ll be happy to investigate the best options available to you.

Kind regards

Q. Dear motorfinance 4u, I am 20 years old and don’t have a very good credit history. In fact I would say I have a poor credit or bad credit history! When I was younger I had a small loan and a credit card that I didn’t pay and so they were defaulted. I have since managed to pay them off and don’t have any debt outstanding at the moment. Do you think you could get me car finance and how does it work?

Hi Lisa, if you are employed or self-employed, earning over £1000 a month and have a full driving licence then we would have a good chance of arranging a car loan for you. If you complete our  online application (it only takes a minute or two) and we will get back to you quickly, and the good news is can choose a car from any reputable car dealer nationwide.

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I just want to say how helpful and friendly all your staff have been, you really have all been a pleasure to deal with and very professional. I can't thank you enough. KR Jessica Townsend

Hi Alex, Thank you very much,  I would just like to say you have been fantastic and we really appreciate all you have done to guide us through the process and help. Many Thanks William.  

Hi Bradley, That's great. Thank you very much for your help. You've been a pleasure to deal with and I wish you all the best for the future mate. KR Roger

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